S. Jwala Singh Ji Harkhowal ਸੰਤ ਜਵਾਲਾ ਸਿੰਘ ਜੀ ਹਰਖੋਵਾਲ


SANT BABA JAWALA SINGH Jl, HARKHOWAL is widely revered, for his piety, especially among Sikhs of Doaba region of the Punjab, was born on 1 May 1889 at Lagari, a village in Hoshiarpur district. His parents, Narain Singh and Raj Kaur, were known as highly religious persons. Baba ji was one of their twin sons. He received instruction at the village primary school and at the gurudwara. Baba Ji's build was tall and athletic. He joined the army on 5 January 1907 as a soldier in the 35th Sikh Battalion. It was during his service at Rawalpindi that he came in contact with Sant Aiya Singh, spiritual successor to ant Karam Singh of Hoti Mardan, a village near Mardan cantonment in the NorthWest Frontier Province (now, in Pakistan). He formally became a disciple of Sant Aiya Singh on 5 March 1911 .Baba ji saw action in France during World War I, but resigned from the army on 1 January 1917 and joined the Dera at Hoti Mardan to devote himself to a life of contemplation and service. At the persuasion of Sant Harnam Singh Ji of his native Hoshiarpur district and with the permission of his religious mentor Sant Aiya Singh, Jawala Singh returned home to Doaba in December 1918 and settled in a lonely place between the villages of Harkhowal and Pandori Bibi, about 11 km southwest of Hoshiarpur. Santgarh, the name by which his Dera came to be known, attracted Sikhs in increasingly large numbers. They came drawn by Sant Jawala Singh‘s pious manner and by the simplicity and lucidity of his religious discourses.

Please read his biography available as PDF here and email with your details if you would like to record the 1000 page book.

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