(English) The Epic of Rana Surat Singh (Bhai Vir Singh Ji)


Using imagery and emotions to evoke a sense of bairag, or intense spiritual longing, the Epic of Rana Surat Singh is yet another heartrending novel written by the renowned Bhai Vir Singh in 1905. This novel follows Rani Raj Kaur who has just lost her most beloved husband, Rana Surat Singh and how she is unable to bear his loss and has moments of unfathomable yearning for his presence. While on this long and difficult journey of finding meaning in her life, she meets many holy people and learns the importance of moving on and accepting Hukam, or the Command of Vaheguru Ji. Even though the English version does not do justice to the Punjabi one, the story is still very inspiring and spiritually significant. Furthermore, the author of the English version tends to use words that are uncommon in normal English literature which makes enunciation and understanding difficult. So if there are words which are confusing to understand, we apologize for this and ask the listener to appreciate the overall beauty of the piece. Bhai Vir Singh is a famous author that has emphasized how important love is if one wants to lead a spiritul life and by reading his work, this is very apparent. In ending, we apologize for any short-comings that we may have made and also we thank the Guru who has blessed us with the chance to do this seva.

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